Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Welcome To Custom Celebrations New Blog

It's 2011 and Custom Celebrations is finally joining the blogosphere.  We are so excited that we will be sharing with you helpful posts that will cover topics that range from your engagement and wedding planning process to your actual big day and life after the honeymoon.  After being a wedding and event planner for over 10 years I have learned so many different elements that have not only made me a better event planner (yes - to have thicker skin) but a better wife, mother, daughter, sister and overall member of society.

My goal is to NOT share topics that have been discussed to the bitter end because let's face it.... we have all been there and done that.  I want to provide my readers with various topics that will not only prepare them for the wedding planning process but will also be useful for them after they say their "I Do's."  I like to think of it as preparing my couples for "Still Do" and "Maybe Baby?"  Stay tuned for monthly blogs from Custom Celebrations that will make you feel proud to say "I Do" and what trends, experiences, secrets and even celebrities who have made me want to share my teachable moments with the world.
Hugs and kisses to everyone!