Thursday, August 25, 2011

How Am I Going To Fit In My Dress?

As I was working on the final touches of my blog and photos regarding my 10 year wedding renewal celebration with my husband I got distracted talking on the phone to a good friend.  We were chatting about how our day was going, upcoming weekend plans, kids, etc.  She proceeded to tell me that she wanted to join a gym so she could feel better about herself because there were many dresses in her closest that she was dying to wear but unfortunately was unable to fit into them.  My friend then asked what I did to stay in shape.  I told her that I overall watched what I ate/drank, did not eat past certain times in the evening and if I did I had to do some form of exercise and worked out at Curves.

"Really?"  "Curves really works?" My response, "Yes, it does." "I have been working out at Curves since 2003 and love it." I have stayed a size 4 for over 10 years and I owe it all to Curves." My friend laughed and truly did not realize that a Curves workout does in fact make you sweat and gets your body into shape. Now of course for those people out there who really know me know that I am very serious about my workout and beauty regimes. As much as I would LOVE to I do not eat in excess the foods that I adore like ice cream, cheesecake, grilled cheese sandwiches, potato chips and candy bars and then expect my Curves workout to work its magic.  I have always worked out and as my body did its natural shifts and changes I finally grew to be happy with my body when I entered college.  It was then that I found a solid workout regime that seemed to work.  As I entered my mid twenties my workout regime was not giving me the same satisfaction. A friend told me about Curves and I too was a bit skeptical but was willing to kept an open mind. Boy am I glad I did because after my first workout at Curves - I was hooked.

It was amazing...for one low monthly fee I was able to work out 6 days a week (both circuit and cardio), have access to a personal trainer, attend Zumba classes (recently added in 2011) and learned helpful tricks to staying on track.  I continually have clients who are trying to lose weight for their wedding so they can fit into their bridal gown or who ask me what my workout routine consists of.  I have told them about Curves and to this day some of them are shocked to know that it works. It is a matter of a lifestyle choice not a one time quick fix to fit into a dress and then go back to ones lifestyle that may have gotten them into not feeling so good about their physical appearance.  It takes hard work and dedication to staying on track with any regime - especially a workout regime.  We as woman spend a lot of time planning the perfect wedding, finding the perfect outfit and pair of shoes - why not spend time planning for your health?

I think Curves gets a bad rap because of the stereotype of a "woman's gym." Not to mention that we may be programmed to think that we need to work out for hours to achieve a better physique.  After being a Curves member for as long as I have I am here to say that Curves is NOT for wimps - and of course you get out what you put in.  It's like anything in life... right?  I truly believe that Curves is one of the best things that has ever happened to me.  Curves has helped me achieve a better positive self image where we live in a day in age where we feel the need to nip and tuck everything.  Curves allowed me to stay fit during some important milestones in my life including while I was pregnant and after I had my son.  I was literally back in all of my size 4 clothes in 2 months - including my bathing suits. I was happy and proud to be out and about :)  By NO means am I saying that I am the fittest of the fit - absolutely not! What I am saying is that I believe Curves works and any woman out there - bride or no bride who is not happy with the way that they look or feel than please call Curves and give them a try. This could be an enhancement to your current workout regime. I want everyone to feel good about themselves and continue to stay healthy... because you are worth it.  I am sure that all of the Curves are fantastic but I am partial to Curves Almaden.  Macie Lea (personal trainer/manager) is a gem - super sweet and tough (when she needs to be) and knowledgeable. You can contact her at the Almaden Curves at 408.927.0012.  Good luck and change stations now.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

To Wed Or Not To Wed...That is the Question

It happened again today! The same conversation I keep overhearing in public while I am waiting to check out at a store. Someone putting down their partner, fiance or spouse and gossiping about them to another person. With wedding season in full gear, ABC's The Bachelorette ending another season and WeTv Bridezilla's continuing another dramatic show case of less than lady like and tailored "brides" I felt a need to blog about a very important topic.  Should I really marry this person?  When I coordinated Margaret Hoover and John Avlon's wedding back in 2009 - she said something that really made me think.  "I want to have a very nice wedding but I am not looking to plan the perfect wedding rather I would like to do my best to plan the perfect marriage." I thought to myself here is someone that totally gets it.
My husband and I renewed our 10 year wedding anniversary back in July (blog and photos will be posted soon).  During the course of the planning of our anniversary party, coordinating clients weddings and hearing the day in's and out's of the dramatic tales of other people's relationships (usually in public places) the more Margaret Hoover's comment kept coming back to me.

It made me realize that anyone can get married if you lower your standards enough and you better choose wisely so you can eventually treat kindly.  I think that many people both male and female can get caught up in the glitz and glamour of planning a wedding but may not necessarily step back and truly think about the long term affects of planning their marriage.  How do you set rules, boundaries, guidelines and other items that are important to you? What are your roles when it comes to the finances, cooking, cleaning, children, etc? Do you want children and if so how many? What is their view about public verses private school, surgery procedures and family vacations?  Do you both share similar values, backgrounds, friends, interests, hobbies?  How are you around each other's friends and family? What are deal breakers - how open or private are you with other people?  Who is more outspoken and potentially seen as a threat? How does your potential partner handle stress, talk about/view other people and what do they truly represent?  What is their view about money, politics, religion and life in general? Are either one of you hung up on an ex partner or friend who could be damaging to your relationship?  Can you discuss your differences in a fair and healthy manner?

Whatever issues you are having while you are dating or are engaged and if it is not completely resolved... guess what - it is not over.  Can you truly live with whatever aspects bother you about the person... remember everyone leopards do not change its spots.  You either have to accept the person for who they are or move on - and more importantly determine that it is YOUR relationship with your partner.  You must work together and determine how you can keep your relationship special and not share everything you have (both good and bad) with the world.  People have to remember that just because you feel something does not mean you need to share it with someone else - this in turn could potentially affect your relationship or make your partner be seen in a way that is not entirely accurate.

I have come to the realization that there is always one person in the relationship who is judged far more harshly than the other. This could be for a number of reasons but this is just a fact of life. You have to ask yourself how will you respond to those outsiders that question you and your relationship beyond disbelief? You must remember that you chose your partner for reasons that YOU believe are important. Actually they will not question you but rather will question your partner because lets face it - it is much safer to do this. Believe me everyone will have an opinion about your relationship or life if you allow them to.  You must continue to ask yourself how will YOU respond and can YOU live with this?

It breaks my heart when I am in the grocery store, conducting meetings or watching tv and hear how someone's partner is talking so negatively about them.  Okay and yes I understand there is a difference between venting (we all need to vent from time to time) and just plain slandering someone for mere entertainment purposes or want to elevate your ego for the moment on your partner's behalf.  I say a little prayer and hope that this is an incident rather than a patterned behavior.  Everyone makes mistakes and I hope that as couples make mistakes and evaluate their relationship before they are married are able to determine what they can do to rectify any unintentional damage that may have or could occur in the  future.  I truly believe that if engaged couples examine these very important factors as they are planning their wedding that their life and future will be much happier and healthier.